Shipping and Delivery

Shipping cost varies according to the product. We at BeSure Mart charge a minimum for shipping. Our all-India shipping partner is reliable and maintains a Zero-Error policy while delivering the product to your doorstep. Since most of our products are fragile, we take utmost care during the packing and shipping. We take pride in providing the product to the destination without damaging the ordered goods.

BeSure Mart is responsive and dedicated to meeting customer requirements by minimizing their financial hassle. Therefore, our shipping cost is minimal, which is INR 40/- under the INR 500/- product cost. If the price goes up to 999 and more then, we charge Zero to our customers.

Delivery Time

Our team process the dispatch of ordered products within 2 working days and they get delivered within 3 to 5 working days. This delivery period can be exceeded if there is any unwanted issues arise. However we are committed to deliver on time.

If you want to ensure that, the ordered product is delivered on right time, please follow the bellow steps while entering the shipping address and phone number details.

  1. Complete address with home number, floor number, name of the street and the area along with a landmark.
  2. Please provide correct city name, state and Zip/Postal code. Ensure they all are correct otherwise the orders may get misrouted if these details are incorrect.
  3. Ensure that, the phone number is correct and in network coverage area. Sometimes, our delivery personnel may call you for delivery related queries.

You shouldn’t accept any packets if they are tampered or broken. If the products are damaged then inform immediately to our customer support team at +91-8637261725 (9AM – 6PM) or

BeSure Mart is entirely customer friendly, and affordable shipping cost with safe and instant delivery is just another feather on our cap. Order your product today and enjoy our service! Happy Shopping!

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